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                          Company Snapshot
                          Our Strength
                          Our Expertise
                          Management Policy
                          Our Qualifications
                          Our Clients

                          Shanghai Kirwan Equipment Technical Services Co., Ltd. is a joint venture which provides Integrated Facilities and Equipment Management services as its core business. Kirwan is dedicated to increase your efficiency ,reduce your total manufacturing cost and enhance your competitive edge.  

                          We strictly control each internal service quality by relying on our high-caliber team with most advanced and safest service techniques and facilities. We share our experience with our clients by integrating our service resource advantages and contribute our ingenuity and enthusiasm to design service module which satisfies or even exceeds their expectation, thus our clients can obtain value-added service with excellence. This in turn helps our clients’ business even more successful. Meanwhile we strive to make a green and harmony working and living environment with eco-friendly and energy-saving consciousness. We have passed accreditation of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSMS18001.

                          The main business of Kirwan covers technical cleaning services, industrial cleaning services and production support services etc. Currently Kirwan provides services to large manufacturing companies including auto plants, such as FAW, SAIC, and electronic plants and their associated companies in China.

                          The Company Logo is behalf of Kirwan for a better confidence in the future and to be your best partner through team collaboration and coordination, efficient service and rapid response.

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