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                          Technical cleaning services
                          Paint shop technical cleaning
                          Clean room technical cleaning
                          Process equipment cleaning
                          Industrial cleaning services
                          Production support services
                          Project services
                          Facility services
                          Without exception the most important part of our lives is safety and health. Shanghai Kirwan address safety as the single most important function as part of our responsibility, and safety is the precondition and guarantee for excellent service. We offer our staff sufficient indoctrination and training, and remind them of safety not only during 8 hours work but also outsides 8 hours.

                          We offer clients specialized integrated industrial & technical cleaning and maintenance. Our most important business advantage is our capability of consistently delivering facility services to clients meeting and even exceeding their expectations. While bringing clients with improved quality, we also upgrade their productivity and reduce overall manufacturing costs.

                          In all, our service can benefit you by:

                            Obtaining a full range of quality service from a single supplier
                            Reducing servicing time by integrating all services
                            Facilitating efficient control on time and cost
                            Having a single contact point for all inquires
                            Benefiting from a supplier that uses latest technology and equipment
                            Receiving scheduled reports
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